equip1All officers that work for the Company are equipped with particular items that were carefully studied and are pertinent to our daily operations. They are also a key factor to our solutions and are as follows:

All patrol vehicles are equipped with a GPS module. This device keeps track of all  vehicles that are assigned to a designated location.
equip250-100 mile radius tracker along with a GPS tracker. This device is solely used in the event of  an officer in distress or if any officer is located in an area that does not have quality reception. We can locate that officer through our central station  tracker.

All officers are equipped with a Tour-Trax device. This unique system is a micro management tool that assures the accountability and  performance as well as addressing quality of life issues.

  • Uniforms
  • Tour-Trax device with GPS tracking
  • Marked patrol vehicles with GPS
  • Access to computer systems
  • Portable hand held radios with GPS
  • Traffic control products